Little secrets of sunglasses

By | September 5, 2013

Since then, as the stars of the world of show business began to appear everywhere in sunglasses, these accessories have become fashionable and gained wide popularity. Today, there is hardly anyone who has never been to at least one pair of glasses that act as a special highlight, adorning every outfit. However, it is no secret that the glasses are needed not only to impart originality to his image, but also, of course, to protect the eyes from the sun’s rays.
Little secrets of sunglasses

It is surprising, but the belief is that the darker the color of the lens, the higher the level of protection points, fundamentally wrong. This rate depends primarily on the quality of the material made ‚Äč‚Äčsunglasses . As for the color, the ophthalmologists around the world recommend to abandon the blue-violet range of lenses in the glasses for long-term wear. This is due to the fact that the lens does not tolerate similar colors, which in turn, may eventually adversely affect vision.

For urban residents will be enough to buy sunglasses with the average coefficient blackout – up to 50%. But fans of rest in the mountains or at the beach should be reserved darker pair, with shading more than 60%. To the eye it is optimal to evenly tinted lenses. With regular use, it is better to give up points from the models in which the upper part is darker than the bottom, and on par with several zones of intense darkening. These glasses are quickly tire the eyes, and therefore are most appropriate only as a stylish accessory for short socks.
How to distinguish a fake

As you can see, sunglasses are important for the health of the optic apparatus. Unfortunately, even a well-known name of the manufacturer and the high cost of credit does not guarantee that the buyer will not get a fake. However, the following simple rules, you can best protect themselves from the acquisition of low-quality products.

First, as the book store glasses wholesale , they can be damaged during delivery. It is therefore necessary to check to see if the lens scratches and bumps. Secondly, bending the bow a few times, you can evaluate the quality of the rim. The really high-quality frame is different elasticity, immediately takes the form of the head when equipped with ease and return the original form. Finally, a true branded eyewear (eg, Furlux ), have a number on the inside of the arch points.

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