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Office of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended that Americans refuse the use of beverage Magic Power Coffee (English “coffee magic power”), which, according to the manufacturer advertising, enhances libido of the person who receives it.

According to FDA, the drink contains a substance similar to sildenafil, a part of ” Viagra “. . According to management experts, the substance poses a serious danger to persons, drugs nitroglycerin and other nitrates and funds because the ability to reduce blood pressure in them.

In addition, FDA drew attention to the fact that the label Magic Power Coffee contains information that this drink is Nutraceuticals, which is made from natural raw materials. Thus, consumers have the impression that this product is completely safe.

Interestingly, the FDA not only limited to a warning, but also strongly recommended to all those who tried the “magic potion” to see a doctor, as well as to inform the authorities about any side effects of the drink.

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