HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT? Diet Kate Middleton

By | September 5, 2013

Before the marriage of Prince William’s beloved Kate Middleton looked a little more slender than in the preparations for the ceremony months. The result is evident – diet Kate Middleton (French diet secret Pierre Duke) gives stunning performance. Someone interested in perfume, but someone already description diets wife of Prince. So that’s four million copies scattered on French soil book outlining effective ways to overcome those extra pounds.

The basis of the diet Kate Middleton is receiving low carb foods. For several months required to comply with this diet, but a beneficial effect on the organism (its purification) induces many to choose this menu as a main power mode after the loss of excess weight.

3-5 kg ​​of “go away” for a week only if all the rules and regulations will be clearly observed. And also need daily walks in the fresh air, the use of oat bran and drink – at least 1.5 liters of still mineral water.

Phase of the diet Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton diet consists of 4 phases.

■ Friendly. Exclude cooked meat and sugar. Phase duration depends on how much excess weight you want to lose. If up to 20 kg, it is necessary to 3-5 days, up to 30 kg – 5-7 days, if more then ten days. More than 10 day period, the first phase is not extended. Protein foods – this diet “attack.” Any fish, other than fried, seafood and lean ham are welcome. Meat (skinless) chicken and turkey can be charged with a little salt, seasonings, spices. You can also use fat-free dairy products.

■ The second phase is called the cruise. During this period, you can alternate between a protein and vegetable diet. If it is necessary to get rid of the weight of 10 kg is applied diagram proteins / vegetables dnya/1-3 1-3 days if more – then 5/5. Cruise does not tolerate starch, so lentils, avocados, potatoes, peas, beans and rice crops – persona non grata in the dietary menu. And eating vegetables can be boiled, baked, or try to eat raw.

■ The third phase of the diet is “Fixing”. In order not to lose the results you want every kilogram lost decade fix diet phase. Gallery of products will join the third phase of the food “Attack,” vegetables “Cruise”, a daily fruit indulgence for one serving, except cherries, bananas and grapes, 2 slices of bread, a total of 40 grams of cheese and starchy foods, no more than 2 times per week. Also, twice a week, one meal can be called a holiday – you can have it all!

■ In the fourth and final phase, called “Stabilization” no significant rules. Except that 3 tbsp oat bran need to consume every day and every Week, eat only protein.

Thus, the diet Kate Middleton is simple, not aggressive to the body and is effective.

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