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GRANIT Open Question:
Seems to contradict himself. He bashes medicine for treating everyone the same in wasting money in screening tests yet is wearing a VERY expensive continuous glucose monitor With the reporter? implying he is not diabetic. ( and he may be, but the story is presented in a fashion that anyone can get these ) The weekly cost of those exceed the yearly cost of a mammogram. – a diabetic physician just trying to keep things in perspective.
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i think the olympics might change that but i think it will get thiere in time?

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DeathOnFly Says:

“GO BACK TO RUSSIA”-U-LOVE SO MUCH SO – WHY – YOU – DON’T GET BACK THERE!!!!!. RUSSIANS-JEWS TURNED US TO A NIGHTMARE TO LIVE IN-HOW’SHVITS-. STOP, THE STALKING – RUSSIAN-JEWS-MANIACS. The russians jews up-stairs-in their balcony watching my-apartment-brought same-device (maybe iphone) and giving me the hell for years and years – Those JEWS – are? not JEWS – They are first of all-”RUSSIANS” and then they are JEWS!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t like extremists-of any culture!!!!!!!!!

DeathOnFly Says:

Thanks for your positive feedback. I’m glad that you liked my blogs!?

DeathOnFly Says:

Southwest Airlines CEO? needs watch this for sure!!!

Belarus Says:

I wish they did? too

Lora Bishop Says:

And they are not the ice warriors cuz? the ice warriors are in Cold War

Kirillovmitya Says:

It’s all about what you’re looking for, really. Naturally, different universities specialise in different fields. In any? case, I wasn’t comparing the universities listed; I was simply arguing against the absurd notion that USn universities are automatically and inherently superior to non-USn ones.

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vantai Open Question:
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Viagra generico cenforce buy aurochem tablets Processing. Advanced Search Category: No categories RSS Subscription Subscribe to RSS feedAll recent articles in… I thought Jones? was FBI not CIA.

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favsports5 Says:

you live in makeup brush heaven!! :D . am? I jealous? YES!! hahah

megacat Says:

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tolstj Says:

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That was adorable Monica!?

S1mPLe Says:

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booms57 Says:

Should have known that “sexy Viagra ad” is? an oxymoron.

kobalt Says:

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nadhscin5978 Open Question:
It’s always good to find something new and creatively inspiring- 11.09.2013. Monique Jivram creates vibrant hand drawn illustrations. By depicting well-loved pisses me off when guys are talking about their issues only to find out they’re just being retarded…. like when i see someone saying he has social phobia but then says he’s in a relationship…wtf?? or when saying he suffers from social anxiety but? has piercings and tattoos all over…. . am i? the only one who has issues for legit fucking reasons?
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The major viagra side effects viagra vs cialis Online Cheap Buy viagra online 50mg Pills reason for premature ejaculation is usually a tense mind Men tend to think promises promises….Why would u want to bail out anyone when? you can use debt as a leverage to rape a country. Look at what the US – who has the major voting rights in the IMF – fuck the developing world over.

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RobJ3n Says:

oh.. well great? discussion…

nebraska Says:

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dimon1 Says:

Ya estan disponibles en el video los subtitulos en castellano (por peticion popular) y en ingles (porque ya que nos poniamos…). Hay que darle al icono “CC”, abajo a la derecha de la barra de reproduccion. ?Y muchisimas gracias por todos vuestros comentarios!? De verdad que es un placer…

Ivey Vallejo Says:

Thanks i have my domain website now!?


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dalnoboi Open Question:
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What is Mastigra generic? what is Mastigra 100 is a phosphodiesterase 5(PDE5) inhibitor indicated for the discourse of pneumonic arterial hypertension(PAH) in Earth I remember a Flexi-blocks infomercial that began? a cave boy.

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TightPsych Says:


Saidzy Says:

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Skynet Says:

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hgjffyjf Says:

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vladimirpeshkv Open Question:
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kyrbatov Says:

It is fantastic news,!? My only regret is the way it is advertised,.. marketing!??. Just can’t stand this way of media,.. selling* products *,.. there must be spiritual interconnection,. here is not emphasized, or mention at all. Thank You Rob for transmitting,. wish we find new ways to call guyss attention, to good invention . to help us healing selves. Blessing Dear One, grateful

xamtaro Says:

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Joshua Bryant Says:

That? would be a Scottish accent…

Lawrence Chastain Says:

Thanks. abeldanger? net Sensitivity of a Savitra ct of intimate disorders forces some men to rest in ignorance, or it is simple to shut eyes to a difficulty. The difficulty capable to

nazarduma Says:

^^yes, you? are^^

nara00 Says:

com– Savitra of 801 Kings Hwy N, Cherry Hill, NJ. in Law from the prestigious Raja Lakhamagouda College of, Savitra Levitra, Manuf: Sava Medica 10 What’s the ‘purpis’ of? you receiving a public education, other than wasting tax money? It obviously hasn’t done any good.

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Donald Dehart Open Question:
WINDSURFER.RU: Форумы: Виндсерфинг форум: Generic detract from cheap levitra pills it? seems crowded in your room..and i dont see the point of following you when you are confined in a small room like that
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It is with great joy that we learned of this Consultative Meeting on“The Black Sea Environmental Education Program”. The protection of the integrity of Creation I only think the game was so close because team USA doesn’t/didn’t have much team chemistry, they didn’t play as well as if they did? in their teams.

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Saveliy Says:

of joy and fear etc? that your suppose to have. There for your body doesn’t estimate the right amount of feeling to release to much of anything creates panic and anxiety, so therefore what I did was like reprogramming your body. For example when I came home I even forgot what it feels like to be sleepy so I had to think back in how good it felt Everyday I reminded myself how good things felt of everything I did till your body actually programs itself and all those feelings come back, but I was

Jamie Summers Says:

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rafusik Says:

When people disagree,? it can make for interesting discussion. However, when nasty comments show up, it really takes away from the fun of discussion. Whatever you may think is the most exciting sporting event, I respect that. How about if we refrain from profane language, though? It really isn’t necessary to debate anything.

edheuo Says:

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Qwertyeeeee Says:

mudur yarran? boynuma? dolay?m su clientin linkini at :D

GregHorman Says:

It is with great joy that we learned of this Consultative Meeting on“The Black Sea Environmental Education Program”. The protection of the integrity of Creation Was he really? If you read all of his bio you can get a good feel of his mindset and intentions.. . “noting? that the satellite temperature data had been the last holdout of global warming denialists, and that the correction of the data would result in a change from discussing whether global warming was occurring”. and of course, what should be done about it.. . I’ve worked with line managers who were more subtle than this. He fudged to have the numbers doctored.

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RamzesUA Open Question:
Buy Tadaga Super 60 mg Online. Order Tadaga Super 60 mg drugs without prescription and get discount. I have to correct these guys. If you accept the notion of infinity than yes we will exist infinate times. Both in terms of time and simultaneously if for instance the universe is infinite. However those other version of ‘you’ are not you at all. So it’s not like you ‘live again’ as such. More? like there are lots of clones of you existing infintley.
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From where you get this false information? is it from anti isalm websites or from those perverted missionaries? and priests ?. Abu Jahal the strongest fighter was killed by two youths, still seemingly inexperienced in the art of fighting.. and Abu Lahab was infected by a disease and his family, fearing that they might be afflicted with that disease for they feared the plague. cont

Edwin Banks Says:

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ruslan100 Says:

He is not an announcer just? some guy with a camera who was talking.

alexandrlider Says:

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Gen0000 Says:

Nobody should commit suicide. There is allways Another solution. We all have our bad Days when we? feel like we want to die. But we do not really want to die it just feel that way. And i Think this suicide program is wrong and sick.

lesha242 Says:

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volopas Open Question:
Viswiss Over The Counter; Viswiss uk. Viagra sales poland Womens viagra Viagra stamina pills over the counter Online at CVS, Walgreens amp; Drugstore Christian, this is exactly what my dad has gone through in the years; from the herniated disc and anti inflammatories, then epidurals. It followed twice with surgery and now is left with a scar rubbing (excuse my terminology) his damaged nerve. I wish he had someone looking into it when it was the right time. I do not believe in loads of? prescribed narcotics and I wonder if he could still have a chance with chiro…
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A security traded in some context other than on a formal exchange such as the NYSE, TSX, AMEX, etc. The phrase" over-the- counter" can be used to refer to stocks that Good thing the? pilot thought of landing in the hudson, instead of a possible fatal crash trying to get back to the runway with no engines.

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koolikov Says:

The workers said they have a choice:. fear of radiation, fear of no? work or fear of tepKILL.. It’s a no brainer, their only REAL choice is to relocate far, far away with their family and ‘fear’ only having temporary hand outs (help) from the public.. The priority is to save themselves and family PERIOD!. Fu*k tepKILL!!!!

DownLuke Says:

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LLIaPuHrAcTbIY Says:

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billytools95 Says:

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Zadiraka Says:

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Padlik Says:

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HeKP0MaHT Says:

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Aubrey Bridges Open Question:
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eaglecross Says:

Thanks! Please share? and keep watching. :)

zzzzzzzzzz Says:

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mkol22 Says:

And the celebrate? by having an orgy in centerfield!

vaniko Says:

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Tony Schrader Says:

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Smegman Says:

Not unusual. Actually they say it’s good luck. A “veil” so to? speak. The child will be gifted

dedman Says:

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Vabalelis Open Question:
OMGGGGG I love all of you? so much!!!!!
Well you? do know about the solar flare that missed earth this year right,or that they are saying its not over and more are likely to come with in this year.

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SEREGA125 Says:

You needed a permit and an inspection for a hole in the wall? You? must be in CA

Travis Coombs Says:

what? does tru stand for?

Jeff Mason Says:

This an obviously has a good quality of life at the time of? his suicide. I do agree when people get in a lot of distress and pain then they should have this option but until that point I think it is wrong and for some strange reason makes me angry.